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Self Portrait_ Anxiety

My Work

Many forms of art are beautiful and enjoyable to create. Despite primarily working in two dimensional paint, photography and sculpture are necessities for me. The quickness of photography and interaction with materials influences how I handle paint. For instance, the muscle memory of handling repurposed wood and branches is activated when I am portraying natural environments in oil.

Please enjoy browsing my online portfolio.


Rhythm. Color. Texture.

    Oil paint is my great passion and experience for all my senses. The color and scent of various mediums are the base of my studio practice. The still silence is occasionally broken with biting my brushes and furiously mixing a color before I lose my thought.

Self Portrait_ Hiding.jpg


     Photography has always been a passion of mine, particularly of nature. During my time in the Air Force, frequent travel for work gave me many locations to capture: from Taos, New Mexico to Costa Rica to Big Sur, California. Please enjoy some select moments from my adventures.

Jedediah Smith Redwood National Park

Crescent, CA

Yosemite Valley River

Yosemite, CA

Secret Beach

Point Lobos, CA


Sunset at Crater Lake

Crater Lake, OR

Earthship Visitor Center

Taos, NM


Lincoln and Dora's Creek

Savage, MD

Zen Botanical Garden

St. Louis, MO


Lily Pads

Gainesville, FL



La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica 


Los Borbollones

Parque Nacional Volcán Tenorio,

Costa Rica 

Spring Sculpture 2022.jpg

Three Dimensional

    My greatest inspiration following my accident was "Rivers and Tides". Working in the natural world with the medium created by God, is beyond moving and meaningful to me. From constructing thatch domes to performative art to restoring antique furniture, material from trees pours into my work.


     It was my greatest privilege to instruct fine arts at Artworks Classes studio and workshops at the Maker's Space at Mount St Mary's University. I prepared curriculum and location for private and group instruction.
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